There a millions of blogs on the Internet today and that number grows by thousands every hour. Obviously some blogs are better than others, but it is easy to get lost in your search for a specific blog or while looking for a particular blogger.

In addition to all your blog options, there are also a growing number of websites, platforms and software that can help you start your own blog. Most blog programs now let you create a free blog in minutes. Several of them generate revenue through advertising or by charging users for additional features.

Some popular blog creation tools include Blogger (a site owned by Google). You can visit this site here. Blogger is also the site you will find if you navigate to BlogSpot at Another very popular tool is WordPress which can be accessed at or (On a sidenote, if you decide to build your next website using the free software from WordPress – here is one theme designed to help you make money from your blog.) TypePad is yet another option and HubPages and Blogit are worth a look too.

According to Wikipedia, blog is a blended phrase made up of the word WEB and the word LOG. Blogs are typically created and run by individuals who add new posts on a frequent basis. Posts consist of general commentary, descriptions of events, graphics, videos (known as VLOGS) and almost anything else you could imagine. So, while one blogger might prefer to communicate with visitors using inforgraphics, photos, or a video embedded in each blog post – another might use more content and links to other blogs (i.e. Both methods can be equally as effective.

Wikipedia adds that a large number of blogs are interactive, allowing visitors to add comments and communicate with each other via high tech widgets. This interaction is what distinguishes blogs from most other websites.

Whether your area of expertise is related to insurance, financials, marketing or any other profession…or even if you just want to blog to voice your opinion, take the first step and give it a try. Then come back to Bloggers Search the next time you are looking for a specific blog site. We’d love to help you find exactly the blog or profile you’ve been searching.

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